Sunday, 19 August 2012

On a Lesson High

Ever been on a lesson high? That is me right now. I'm addicted. :)

We went to Ann's today - Allie went amazing again - riding there is like magic!

We finally figured out left flexion. I got in trouble for fussing with her at the walk when I should be leaving her to figure out going forward into the contact herself. We had a BEAUTIFUL right canter, we had a pretty good left canter. We had some AH-MAZING trot work. We had a stretchy trot, stretchy walk. Allie was loving it too.

Best of all, Ann said Allie could very easily be an advanced level dressage horse. The more Ann sees of her, the more she likes her. She says Als has three lovely paces. My horse is just amazing, I am so so so lucky to have her. :D

Have a few crappy pictures.


Val said...

Cool beans!

Lesson highs rock. That is a really exciting compliment for your horse and you. I agree that she has very nice gaits. Said so for your last show video. ;)

Lisa said...

Thanks Val. You did too! I am starting to learn that you don't just say nice things for the sake of it - that a compliment from you is legit. :) I must also thank you for always taking the time to comment on my blog - I love comments. :D

I am so excited to get to my next show, we have put so much hard work in lately. I thought Allie would start to reset being ridden 5-6 days a week but she loves it!

Ruffles said...

What an awesome thing to be said about your horse. :)
It sounds like you are doing really well.

OneHindResting said...

Yay! :D
That's so good that Allie is enjoying her work! You guys look great in your lesson - your next test will be awesome!