Saturday, 4 August 2012

Back on Track

We had our lesson with Ann today. It went really well.

No pictures or video though as I had to go by myself. Sucks, I know.

I asked Ann for homework - told her how abysmal our tests last week were. Told her how fussy Allie gets, how offended she can be when I take up a contact. Ann said Allie sounds exactly like her mare when they first started. Told me she knew exactly how to get past this.

It was a great ride. Basically, Als is way overdue to put her big girl pants on and deal with contact. Like super consistent contact that she has to move forward into. And to be honest, she did for most of the ride. Plus I need to put my big girl pants on too and take the responsibility of helping her go correctly. We had some fairly awesome moments, the very best being a left lead canter depart where she was truly through the whole time. We only held the canter for about 2 strides but the try was there. I smiled almost the whole lesson.

I'm going back again on the 18th - in the meantime our homework is to get Allie moving forward into the contact, at all times.

I'm very excited about where we are headed. We are going to smash our next test, really nail it. :)


Val said...

Good plan. You go girl!

OneHindResting said...

If something doesn't go as well as we'd like, isn't it wonderful when we know it's fixable? It's a great feeling to have a plan and to put it into action! :) Glad you had a great lesson, they're the best!