Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Where Have I Been?

This afternoon, I fly out of Queenstown New Zealand back home after a 12 day road trip from the Auckland to here with my husband, best friend and her boyfriend. View from my Queenstown hotel below.

It has been awesome, but I am so ready to get home. I miss my pets like crazy - my cat, two kittens, Allie and of course Gracie.

I did something silly though. I entered a couple of tests this Sunday. I repeat, I have TWO tests this Sunday and I have done no riding or schooling to prepare. Nat has been looking after all the pets and has schooled Als a couple of times for me and apparently she has been doing well under saddle (but has been a witch to load on the float).

Wish me luck!


sally said...

Oh boy two tests to go home to .....as for Queenstown ,,,it is my favourite spot. My hubby and I go there twice a year to spend time with his family. They live at Arthurs Point out towards Coronet Peak. It is the nicest place
Enjoy your time back with pets

Val said...

Beautiful landscape and sky. I hope you had a nice vacation.