Sunday, 22 May 2011

Out and About!

We finally borrowed a float for a few days and got the girls out!


They don't look too worried... yet.

Here Allie is putting 2 and 2 together. "The last time I was in a white box I moved house!"

"Is this our new house?"

We took them back to our old agistment for trail rides, and we took them to a local indoor for some schooling (which was more get-the-pony's-attention than schooling-for-correctness). They were so well behaved! Loaded well, traveled pretty well (except when some arse ran up our bum while we were going slowly around a corner and beep-beep-BEEEEEEEPPPed his horn at us. Gracie FREAKED!) and behaved under saddle. We are so proud of the girls!

See the lip-stick mark on her nose?

Does this horse look worried about her first ever visit to an indoor? Nope!

She has a bit of a trot on her, I can tell you!

Very happy trail-riding ponies!

We thought they would be scared of the crane and junk, but no, they were fine.

Allie was pretty funny - she kept giving the hairy eyeball to piles of rubbish, like she was disgusted  by them and couldn't stand the thought of rubbish touching her. We also tried to have a canter up our old galloping hill, but they didn't know what to do! We tried so hard to get them to go forward but in the end we were kicking them like they were fat naughty school ponies and all they would do was walk! They had no idea what to do with all that space in front of them! We were in hysterics, laughing and not believing it! We are so used to holding our horses back at that hill, then having a leaping start and holding on for dear life so it was weird for us as well. Next time we will go out with an older experienced horse who can teach them the joys of a flog up the hill!

Here is a little video of Allie not caring at all about being ridden in a strange new place with a bunch of strange horses looking at her:

Very very happy with the girls. :)

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