Saturday, 14 May 2011

Oh Mare!

I have written briefly before about how my horse is a dope. She is book/schooling smart, not street/survival smart (at all). She loves a good roll and I catch her rolling or lying in the sun multiple times during the day. She almost ALWAYS has a bunch of dead grass tangled in her tail. She loves it.

Last night I went out to check on the horses at about midnight before I went to bed (I always check them before bed to see if they have finished dinner and that all is well. That is how I found Becks' colic and was able to get the vet out to end his pain so quickly). So I am saying goodnight to Allie and I notice her left eye is squinting. On further inspection, I found she easily had about a tablespoon of large gritty dirt in her eye. Great big goopy clumps of dirt. The only way she would have gotten that much dirt in there was if she rubbed her head on the ground while rolling with her eye wide open. Repeatedly. Eye lids scooping.up.the.dirt.

Why? Why is she so dumb?

p.s. She is fine this morning, thank heavens.

I think her 'brains' may have something to do with this?

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