Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Greener Grass Really is Better!

Here are some photos of the horses at our new place today.

Savanna in the stable. Apparently it's very boring in there.

Allie, me, Sav and Grace in the background.

Allie. You can see my home made blocker tie ring in that I used to tie her up.

Grumpy Gracie.

Super cute Gracie asking for a treat.

So friken cute!

My lane to the four paddocks.

She was a brat today - so grumpy!

So she was banished to the stable to sort herself out.


This is my home made tie ring - I stole the idea from this guy. Very clever!

Helmets, halters, fly veils, whips, all organised!

Bits bits bits!

Devil green eyed horse.

Onto the (blurry) paddock pics -



Tammy said...

This place is great Lisa! The horses must love it!

Kate said...

I am in love with that pasture, and it looks like your horses are too :)

Ashley said...

The new place looks great! Those pastures are rockin! Great pics!

Funder said...

Beautiful place! And you know, the first time I ever saw a blocker tie ring I thought "I wonder if I could make one from half a snaffle?" I'm glad someone finally has!