Saturday, 5 March 2011


Worming day today!

I surprised myself by taking three tubes out and worming all three in the paddock with no halters (I may have cheated and used Sav's and Allie's fly veils... shhh). Gracie came back wanting more!

The lady I bought Allie from said that she was a terror to worm... I hate to think what she would have thought of Pom! (Who used to rear and strike when wormed).

Allie does the flehman's posture more frequently than any horse I have ever known. She sure is cute doing it though!

Doesn't she look like a sweet mare?

Looking unimpressed with her lot.

Evil devil eyes!

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Dom said...

Great photos. Love when they do that after working. Haha. I don't blame them for not liking it. I got a mouthful once. Let me tell you, when they say it's apple flavored, THEY ARE LYING!!