Monday, 31 May 2010

Shiny and New

So we bought Gracie a new bit on Saturday. I felt that her current bit that we used to mouth her was not the best bit for her, as we have come to a bit of a plateau with her mouthing, and she is starting to show signs of resistance maybe due to her being uncomfortable.
Pictured above is Gracie's current bit, a tom thumb. I was using this bit mainly because it doesn't get pulled through the mouth, or pinch the sides. The loose rings helped her be able to move the bit around her mouth to play with it (an eggbutt holds it in place more) and I wanted her to mouth the bit and get used to it.

I have been on the look out for a eggbutt bit that looks like a french link but with a bean in the middle instead of a flat piece. (I'm madly googling for a picture, hang on).
Ok, apparently it's called an oval link eggbutt snaffle (I bought the one by JP Korsteel):

So, I have chosen this bit because:
  • The oval link in the middle negates the snaffle 'nutcracker' action, and does not have effect on the upper palate (roof of the mouth) and lips.
  • The D's on the side still help to keep the bit from pulling through (important in a young green horse still figuring out what some bit pressure means)
  • I prefer the oval 'bean' link as I feel the flat one would pinch the tounge
  • I like the curve that follows the line of the horse's mouth
I have put the bit in her mouth and tied her up to have a chew for about 5 minutes so far, but that is it. I haven't ridden in it yet. I will probably do a couple of short re-mouthing sessions before I hop on so she is used to the new feel and understands what I am asking of her.

My only hesitation is maybe I should not be changing bits on her this early in her training? If she doesn't like her current bit, she needs a new one, but is changing sooner rather than later a better option?

She also got a new rug, her very first combo. We had to take it off her as she went a bit crazy with Savanna (her paddock mate to replace Becks) and they both ran around like crazy ponies. Which they are, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised...



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Aussie Horse said...

Love the photos! Looks like they enjoyed themselves :)

I prefer bits with the oval link, although I use the loose ring version instead of the eggbutt.

Also wanted to say thanks so much for your feedback on my blog. If you have any suggestions for anything you think needs to be covered/discussed please let me know.

I wasn't sure how useful it would be to start blogging about this issue, but I've just looked at the stats, and I've had more visits than expected. So we'll keep going with it :)