Sunday, 16 September 2018


3.5 weeks off antibiotics so far. Both my sister and I check her each day, sniffing her nostril and mouth checking for any signs of infection.

I keep thinking I can smell a tiny hint of it, but I am never sure and the next day it is gone again.

My sister says she never smells anything and it is my head playing tricks on me because I am so emotionally invested.

So, we both agree that she is doing good for now. Still in a holding pattern. If she gets to the 25th Sept, that's the vet's official time to go ahead and start treating her like a normal ridden horse again and to continue to keep an eye on her.

Meanwhile, I have ordered hexarinse (oral medicated rinse) and a drench gun to treat her mouth each day. I am also borrowing a gag from my kind friend Casey who used to own a horse with major dental issues too - just to see if it will work out for me to remove any trapped feed in there. If I can make that work, then I will get one of my own to use.

Hopefully this keeps infection at bay for long enough that either the tooth can be removed safely or it doesn't need to be removed at all.

I am also still waiting on that second opinion from the other dental surgeon vet who is a bit hard to get a hold of. He has been waiting on me to get her history from my current vets to send to him, and they took  a long time sending it to me (after repeated phone calls and emails). Last week I got it and sent it on to the second opinion vet. I have heard that he is coming to Sydney next month so I am hopping to jump in on that visit if I can at all, even if it is just for intraoral rads and his opinion.

In other news, I have been to try a few horses - even if Allie gets through this, her track record shows that she really isn't suitable as a serious competition mount. So I have been to test ride a few horses and, well, they aren't like her at all! I just want her clone really, but like, sound lol.

Anyway. I'll let you guys know how the hexarinse works out for us!