Sunday, 14 August 2016

Eye and Jump club!

I got the vet out for Allie's eye. It's a bit of a weird one because she isn't in any discomfort. The vet gave me some antibiotics just in case, and so far so good, it looks to have shrunk a little.

The vet that came out was a different vet to the ones I normally use and would you know it, she has a special interest in podiatry and laminitis in particular! She does venograms and stuff, so she said if I have a client who needs a vet to refer to her and we can work together. Yay! Maybe that's why Allie hurt her eye? Not to shit me, but to help me find a vet who is barefoot friendly?

Anyway, I took Allie to jump club today. We had a blast! She was in a mood (she HATES having travel boots put on, it sends her bonkers), buy it translated to a really forward determined horse!

We only did the 60cm and the 75cm, but it wasn't about height, but rather a nice easy fun day out. I was so nervous on the drive over there but I forced myself to introduce myself and help set up the jumps. I'm really glad I did that, because recently my stupid anxiety has been a bit of a shadow over my life, but I'm done with it.

I only have crappy blurry screen caps but that will do I guess!

Next stop: I've entered Sydney at SIEC eventing on the 3rd September! 60cm again because of the scary Cross country. Hopefully we have a super fun day!


TeresaA said...

She looks so good! I'm glad that it wasn't more serious.

emma said...

you guys look great! glad it was such a fun event to get out there and just enjoy yourselves :)

Lola said...

An Aussie blogger, and a barefooter at that!!!! Thanks emma for the link :)

Lola said...

What a beautiful mare :)

Lisa said...