Sunday, 6 March 2016


I was trotting Allie around the racetrack warning up for some canter sets on Friday. We were just ambling along on a loose rein when


I hit the dirt.

Allie had shied violently to the left all the way across the track. She shied at a bent piece of the railing that some stupid racehorse had banged into. I didn't have a chance as I was rising and had such a long rein - she just shied out from under me. Luckily I landed on my big fat bum and I've somehow bruised my knee and pulled something in my back, because (thanks to a naughty little grey pony we won't name) I have a bad habit of holding onto the reins when I fall off. Poor Allie copped it in the mouth and I had to let go because she was so scared she was dragging me.

Climbing back on was, well, HARD. I never mount from the ground because I like my horse and want to preserve her healthy back but I think I need to get into the habit every so often because I ended up having to scale her back into the saddle like she was a cliff face. Thankfully no one saw.

Once back on board we continued on and she kept shying violently in the same spot. I ended up riding her back and forth until she relaxed. It took a lot longer than it normally does when she's a bit scared of something. I think me falling off really scared her. She's never had someone fall off her before.

So, that's my first official fall off Allie. Only took 6 years.


Amy said...

Glad you are ok though a bit banged up.

OneHindResting said...

Ah well, that was a pretty long time to not fall off her! Glad it wasn't a bad fall!

emma said...

aww hope you're feeling better asap! it always amazes me how horses notice the slightest most innocuous changes to an otherwise familiar setting... my mare will spook at newly fallen tree limbs in the woods - even tho we're surrounded by trees and branches and whatnot - just bc it's *different* from last time...