Wednesday, 9 December 2015


The last three or so weeks I've been super motivated when it comes to Allie and our goals together.

I've done a bunch of stuff:
- I went to the saddlery and put show stuff on layby - bridle, tall boots, saddle cloth, that sort of thing.
- I've kept her in work 5 days a week for the last three weeks. This has been no small feat and my poor baby has gotten a bit of Peppa Pig screen time while she waits for me to finish schooling.
- We have even been off-property 3 times in the last two weeks!
- I bought 10 poles and I've painted them. I also dug out my old cavaletti/jump wings. Since I've brought them to the paddock we have had a few jump schools and I have to say we are doing better than I expected.

- I finally cleaned the float. That thing was a mess of cobwebs. So glad it's done.
- I've started organising jumping lessons. I've given up on the idea of sending her away to someone to start her. I'm going to do it, under supervision from a coach.
- I've organised a part lease on her. I can't keep her in work 5 or 6 days a week all year around, especially with uni and work starting up in February. The girl is 14 years old and is quite a good rider. She has had a couple of rides on Allie now and they get along really well. I'm hopeful that the pair will be able to go to a few shows and lessons together in exchange for keeping her in work for me 2-3 days a week.

Today, was her first time through a little grid. This video was from when we were done, she was starting to get tired. But she tried so hard for me anyway.

I'm thinking of aiming for newcomers at Equestriad in April, after a couple of training days early in the year. Then probably SIEC in July.

I AM going to make this happen, I am I am I am.


Carly said...

She looks great!

TeresaA said...

it's nice to see you back in the saddle! good for you!

KateRose said...

Looking great! Sounds like you have an awesome plan :)

OneHindResting said...

Well done on all the motivation! The poles look fancy!! :)