Monday, 10 August 2015

Little Ideas

So I've ridden a few times since the clinic. My horse is feeling awesome - I feel like our big break from riding and being partners didn't even happen. It's like she's matured and grown up some how over the last couple of years.
She looks very different to how she used to look. I use timehop (an app that brings up social media posts and photos from this date in the past) and some old pics of her popped up the other day and it just struck me how different she is. Even just 3 years ago she looked like a rangy young thing compared to now, and she was in full work then, too.
Our first lesson with Ann about 3 years ago. LOL

Als just before I had Evie, so maybe about 6 months ago? In no work and looking FINE.
She could totally smash a prelim test right now I think, if I had a dressage saddle that fit her and if I had white jods and a jacket that fit me and if my tall boots weren't trashed and if I could get her there with a car that didn't have a gearbox that was about to blow up and if I had a current EFA membership and I could fix all this if I was working at the moment. But my whoops baby kinda put a stop to the whole making money thing so what do you do in this situation?

You dream. Ah well.

But maybe, just maybe... My dad is retiring and he is giving each of his daughters a little bit of money so maybe I can fix the truck and buy the clothes and boots and membership and fit the saddle with that?

Maybe. I hope so! Would love to get her to a comp in the next 6 months or so.


TeresaA said...

she looks great and it's nice to see you back in the saddle. :)

OneHindResting said...

I'm so pleased to read that you are going so well together, that the partnership magic is there! :)

Always have your dreams, they drive you to achieve amazing things. But after my experience with Saaleenh, I would urge you to see, celebrate and enjoy the little baby dreams too. Yes, it would be awesome to have all the right equipment, but focus on what is achievable now, and knock over those smaller obstacles to start with ;)

I would have loved to have done an official test on Saaleenh, but it wasn't within what I could achieve (amongst everything else we were doing) at the time. But you know what? We had so much awesome fun doing 'stuff' together, and I'm so glad that I didn't wait until I had all my shit together!

You could find a little club show to go to - you wouldn't need all the official gear then, or the membership either. If you can find the right club, you can do your test (or protocol/training day) in a jump saddle, plain-coloured breeches and a polo. Is it as awesome as official? Nope. But it is so much more awesome than no test at all! ;) I went to Galston Equestrian Club (I paid one small annual membership which let me attend all their club days under their insurance), or the Crabbet group runs day-insurance dressage days at Oakville too.

Priority would be to get the car towing again of course, but in the meantime don't be averse to asking for lifts. I'm sure you've helped your friends (including me!) plenty of times, call in those favours! ;) If you can find a friend that also wants to attend the same event (or even lessons), offer to pay the fuel if they'll take your pony with theirs. Any friends with vehicles but no float? Find me a clinic to take my young horse to over that way (once he is back on board), and I will come get you guys ;)

And keep doing what you are doing - always remember that once your horse is fed, agisted and cared for... the rides are free! :D What I used to do with Jess (when she was local) was go to hers and video/photo her riding her young horse, then she would come over to mine and do the same for me (then we would have tea of course). Sometimes those little things help pick you up and encourage you to keep going. You get feedback and photos! :)

OneHindResting said...

Hope all that's not too bossy!

stevelewis said...

It's nice to see you back on riding your horse. Good to know that you has a good bond with your horse. It's a big advantage on riding when you and your horses knows each other. For sure your Dad will always remind you to wear Horse Riding Gear for your protection.