Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Update on The Vessel Issue

Had my doctor appointment today at the hospital. Despite having a 10.45am appointment, I didn't see the doctor until 12.30!!

She looked at my scan and the results and she really put my fears to rest. Apparently they all look like maternal vessels, as they seem to be surrounded by muscle, not just clinging lightly to the membranes (like they would if they were baby's vessels). She assured me that the scan next week is just to double check, which they always do in these types of cases. She doesn't think it's vasa previa (the scary baby-bleeds-out-in-4-minutes thing) but just some random maternal vessels that I've grown for some reason or another.


Not only that, but if all comes back clear at the next scan, they'll let me go naturally. Even if they are the maternal vessels we think they are, I wouldn't bleed that much apparently so vaginal birth is perfectly safe.

I'm super happy.

Thanks guys for your comments and concern. I was rather scared!

In other news, I miss this horse so.much. even though I see her every day, it's just not the same.


TeresaA said...

thank you for the update. I'm glad that it was okay.

It's the first of many scares that this wee child will bring to you.

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Dom said...

Great news!