Thursday, 11 December 2014


What were my goals for 2014 at the pointy end of 2013?

Well, at the time, Allie was rehabbing her broken leg. I guess my biggest goal was to see that through, then get her back in work and off to the trainers to learn how to jump. I was toying with the idea of going eventing once or twice toward the end of the year, doing some show jumping, dressage days and just getting out and having fun.

We all know how well those goals and plans went. No need to dwell on shitty situations.

Next year, my goals are much more conservative. We won't have anywhere near as much money, Allie may need more surgery (or not, preferably), I certainly can't afford to send her to the bloody trainers, and I'll be lucky if I can get out to ride her 3 days a fortnight.

So my goals for 2015 for myself are this:

Just enjoy.

Enjoy your horse, in whatever capacity you are able to. Ride when you can, and never ever pass up an opportunity to ride her. But if that means riding once a month, so be it. Don't stress.

Feed her carrots. Stuff her beautiful face full of them.

Trim her feet often and get them looking amazing again.

Find somewhere closer to home to keep her, that fits with the budget and has an arena.

Keep her healthy. Do as the vet says, but research some other ways to help her. If this sinus thing continues to play up, find a long term solution.

That's it. Those are my goals. If I smash them, I'll be over the moon. But looking at them, they are realistic and I honestly shouldn't fail them. Because, honestly, I'm sick of disappointing myself. So let's change tactics and take it one day at a time.

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OneHindResting said...

"Enjoy your horse, in whatever capacity you are able to."

That sounds like the BEST goal ever! :D Life has a way of making us clarify our priorities sometimes...

Nearly losing Diilun was a big motivator in getting me started in endurance. My experience with Saaleenh has helped me realise that I need to enjoy where we're at right now... it's not about the 'goal', it's about enjoying the ride we're having today.

Allie is so purdy in that picture! :)