Friday, 31 October 2014


Everyone is talking about breeches. This blog is equal parts boring and depressing so I guess this topic is a nice one to escape to that everyone can relate to.

We call the long ones jodphurs here and the short ones that have the velcro at the mid calf breeches here in Oz.

I have a variety of the same type of jodphur in a bunch of sizes as I have lost/gained weight over the last few years. I HATE HATE HATE sticky bum jods. Hate them. They're shit to ride in and shit to wear around. The crotch never sits right on me and believe me, I've tried because I love the look of them. I also don't like high rise or hipster jods. They have to sit just right though when I'm on because I have my belly button pierced and often take it out to ride because the rise I like irritates it. I don't really have winter and summer ones because it doesn't get that cold here. 0 degrees Celsius (32f) is about as cold as it gets. It does get hot (like, 45 celcius) in summer but we don't ride when it's that hot anyway. So I have the same thickness for both summer and winter.

Years ago when I was working at an endurance training property I was bought my first pair of jods that I actually wore. I remember telling them that I could ride all day in jeans and they laughed at me, saying I should just try a pair of jods. Once I did a few days training with them I realised that I needed the jods. I've been riding in jods since then (unless I'm super lazy and am already wearing jeans).

So normally for riding I wear a pair of jods (that are always too long for me even though I'm quite tall), folded up with my socks on the inside, with my top boots over the top.

Sooooo interesting, I know. :p As a reward, have a random picture from my phone of my dog meeting Natalie's dogs for the first time. CUTE.


TeresaA said...

I love my full seats but not all fit the same.

BTW- I'm leaving Saturday for Australia- Brisbane, QLD :)

beyond excited! I hope I can find some tack shops!

Lisa said...

Wow!! Have fun up there! It always rains when I go to QLD. Hopefully it will turn on the good weather for you! It is still hot though even when it rains though. What brings you here, just a holiday?