Friday, 4 October 2013


Last night, I went out to the horse and got her out, brought her up to the (deserted) barn, and groomed her. I haven't just hung out with her and groomed her in forever.

It was so lovely. She loves being groomed, and pointed out all her itchy spots to me. She especially loves having her mane combed out and I even combed out her tail (which I never do). While I was brushing her tail I felt like a 12 year old little girl brushing the tail of her first pony again, in the quiet of the barn, just my horse and me. It was lovely.

She was very light off my aids, she moved over from a light finger and an intention from me.

I finished up with a massage (of sorts). I ran my hands over her whole body with long, firm strokes.  She would turn her head and nuzzle me when she wanted me to stop and concentrate on an area and it was so cute to see her look at a muscle or an area when I finished with it like "oh, gosh that feels good now!". I will have to get a video of it.

She has shed out her (clipped) winter coat and has a glorious shine at the moment. I love how dark she is this time of year, before the sun bleaches her coat out.

Maybe, her being sore, me being sick is just a sign that I need to step back and just be with my horse again. I miss her like crazy and I LOVED just spending time with her last night.

Hopefully she gets better soon and we can start doing fun stuff together (like jumping!) but for the moment I think I can appreciate her for the miracle she is.


Val said...

Aw. What a sweet post. I love this picture of her.

Lisa said...

Oh I love it too! She is so cute when she lays down. She always lets me have a snuggle with her too

SheMovedtoTexas said...

That picture is so sweet!

Kate said...

I love this post. I have been limited to just snuggling and grooming for a long time now, since my horse got hurt and now I'm pregnant and not going to ride. But that time I spend with her, just doting on her and feeding her cookies and making her pretty, is priceless.