Tuesday, 28 May 2013

So much to do...

I have so much to do before I get Allie back in work.

#1 is to finish a course of antibiotics for a mystery only-one-nostril greeny-yellow snotty nostril. Vet said could be sinus infection, could be tooth infection. Ugh. So that needs to go away.

#2 is to get her teeth done. She's a little over due. See #1 for why I'm feeling guilty.

#3 is to get her clipped. She is as hairy as last year and sweats up a storm so that just can not work.

#4 is fix our float! My husband ripped off the fender and bent the rim driving it out of a gate while we were using it to love our stuff. :((((

#5 is to get the new agistment owner to get the flood lights working so we can start using them.

I thought I would be back in the saddle by now. :(

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