Wednesday, 27 February 2013


No posts? That's because NOTHING has been happening. I've ridden probably twice over the last six weeks.

I feel awful about it.

Reasons why:

- I've been trimming every single day.
- It has been incredibly wet. Too wet to ride at home before work.
- I went away to college (podiotherapy college!) for my first block for a whole week.
- Andrew and I have been building a granny flat at mum's.

All my plans to send her off to the trainer to start her over fences has gone down the drain. Her fitness is gone. I need to start all over again.


I feel like throwing the towel in until after we move and she is on agistment. I have closed my books for trimming unless I can use it as one of my case studies (i.e. the horse has a pathology). I'm also restricting my trimming hours to make more time for myself, my husband and my horse (and the kitty cats).

Gosh. Life has run away with me. :(


Dom said...

Sometimes no news is good news. Good to hear from you :)

Adventures of the Super Ponies said...

I feel the same. Somehow life has run away with me I am too busy. AM feeling a little to worn out to ride. Glad to hear you are doing ok!! I was wondering what happened.