Sunday, 2 December 2012


I have been saving most of my trimming money for the last 6 weeks into a money tin with a picture of a jump saddle on it.

Last Wednesday, Tony Flynn the saddle fitter visited and I bought a Riviera Nice jump saddle in black (ON SALE! $1000 OFF OMG!!).

Looking like an eventer finally.

Jump saddle, dressage leathers lol.

I am in love. I popped her over a small vertical and it to jump in a proper jump saddle. :P

So I emailed Sam Lyle and I am planning on sending Allie to him either February or March next year. He says he has room at that time. So excited! I'll finally start jumping!

Do I start a new money tin with Sam's face on it this time?


Val said...

I like your strategy for saving and yes I think you need a new tin. That is too funny.

The saddle is beautiful, or should I say, so Nice! I am new to that brand. How did you pick it?

Kate said...

congrats! it is beautiful!

Kelly said...

Congrats! Lovely saddle!

Lisa said...

I saw it was an end of model sale item on the saddlery's Facebook page, did a little research and decided I really don't know what I like in a jump saddle anyway (having never ridden in one) so I asked him to come out to see if it would fit her. And it dd, and I love riding in it! Yay for luck!

Ruffles said...

Oh WOW! That is awesome :)

jill said...

enjoy your new saddle! i am in the market too for a jump saddle. She looks great in it.

Anonymous said...

That'a good idea of saving. Not too many people do what you're doing, but it sounds creative. Anyway that saddle is beautiful. That's what I really need with my horse.