Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Dentist Visit

I took the day off work on Monday so we could have the dentist come and do both the girl's teeth and have them both microchipped. Before the vet visit, we had our friend Hania over and she rode both of them. It was nice to see Hania on a horse again!

First we had a little photo shoot with the ponies to tire them out so they would behave for the vet.

So cute!

Gracie is unimpressed


 It was such a gorgeous day I decided to take advantage of my day off so we tacked them both up. 


She is one tall horse! I'm not short either...

She went really well for Hania.



So after riding (and tiring them out!) the vet conveniently turned up to do their teeth.  Gracie ended up being the well behaved one for once! Allie behaved after a while, and after a few jabs with sedation :p.

Stinky horse teeth dust 

Go to your bed!

Go go!

Sleepy time

Nom nom nom

Aaaaand you are done!


Dom said...

They are such beautiful girls :)

Kate said...

Your horses are both so beautiful. I love the face on the bay and the grey has the most lovely presence about her. I laughed at the photo of you pushing the grey into her stall...too funny!

Lisa said...

Thanks for your lovely comments! :)

We kinda think they are beautiful too, can you tell?