Friday, 3 December 2010


I read a blog called Eventing-A-Gogo! and Andrea sets herself horse related goals each month. I think that is a fantastic idea, because it keeps her on track and she goes back at the end of each month to recap, writing a little sentence or two about how she did/did not reach that goal in that particular month and what could be done better etc. I am totally stealing her idea right now.

I think goals are important, and traditionally I have gone about goal setting ina very vague sort of way - "I want to event", "I hope to take Becks out to SIEC again one day", "In 12 months time Gracie will go off to the dressage trainer". You get my drift. I think, now with Allie who is only 4 and still hasn't has a proper canter under saddle yet, I need to set definite goals and stick to them as best I can. I shall do about 5 per month for Allie, and Nat should do 5 for Gracie too. We may combine goals too, seeing as they are at relatively the same stage.

OK, December month goals for Allie:

1. Get a dressage saddle that fits us both.

2. Borrow the neighbour's float and do some float practise with both of them.

3. Ride/work her on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday.

4. Get her cantering under saddle confidently.

5. Take both girls out on a trail ride in the bush around my house.

There. Goals set! Wish me luck... it has been POURING here for about a week - I have found it very hard to get on her at all. I've cut both their feeds back by half because they are getting fat on all the grass. They are sharing a biscuit of meadow/rye hay in the morning and one scoop lucerne, one and a half scoops oaten, and half a scoop pellets at night with their suppliments. Next step is removing the pellets! Fatties. But it is nice to have a good doer for once.

Piccies for the patient ones:

:) So happy...

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