Tuesday, 28 April 2009

New Addition

I forgot to mention the new addition to the money sucking clan. A little Domestic long hair kitty called Alice, this is the first* one we have PAID for, as in, she wasn’t rescued (well sort of, since there are so many cats these days most of the healthy ones get put down anyway).

She is a crazy, SOOKY, fluffy, bouncy, lazyyyyyyy, underwear eating (yes you read right, she eats our undies! Even when they are clean! Its disgusting!) monster. But she is so cute! She loves sleeping in the bed under the covers and doesn’t want to get up in the morning, so she just sort of stays in bed and watched me get ready for work :p.

I will put a picture up over the weekend of her.

*Actually the second. We paid for Leah, my kitten before this one but she passed away L. Very sad indeed. RIP Little Leah, I still miss you!

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