Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Progress, AGAIN!

Ok, so last Friday I took Gracie out to do some work on being groomed and being tied up. We started of in the arena, threading her lead through some twine, but not tying her up. I held the other end of the lead as I curry combed her all the way to her hip. She did fairly well, kept taking steps back but stopped when she felt the pressure of her being tied up.

Then I got the lunge whip to touch her all over her body. I really wanted her to accept being touched on the hind end and hind legs. She freaked out once and took off, but accepted the whip touching her legs without kicking. I then pushed my luck and ran my hand down her foreleg, eventually picking up both front feet for a couple of seconds. I left it at that for the day.

Tuesday I came back from leave, so decided to pick up where I left off. I was able to comfortably pick up her front feet and hold them for short periods. I also got Anira's old fly vale on her! Gracie is quite head shy, especially around the years, I think she may have been man handled as a young foal. I led her into the stable, she followed nervously, but seemed to trust that I wouldn't put her in danger. Beckham was calling for her when he couldn't see her anymore, which didn't help. She was quite nervous and clung to me. I took her halter off, took some pictures, then put her halter back on again, the second time we have done so. She was perfect about being re-haltered.

I then let her have a run around in the arena. I tacked up Becks, with full intentions of riding but I changed plans and introduced Gracie to the concept of being led from another horse. I did it in the round yard, she freaked out at first, wondering what I was doing up there. She kind of got the idea, but needs a lot more work with that, unsurprisingly.

I then attempted to school Becks, but all the horses decided to run a muck, Grace included. She was so naughty!! She galloped straight for Becks and I, did a sliding stop right in front of us, reared right up spun around, double barreled at us, then took of down the other end of the arena! Beckham did his usual "I'm a big Arab stud" impersonation. I managed to get a few good circles from him at the walk, so I got off at that point.

A while later Nat came out and helped me pick up all four of Gracie's feet, and I was even able to grab her tail and play with it for a little while. She was perfect! We are really proud of her.

On to the pictures!!!

In the fly veil - see her little tongue poking out?

And in the stable. Those soft eyes are deceiving.

Looking very Andy in this one. In the face at least anyway.

Ignoring the big bum.... LOOK!! I'm picking her hoof!!!!! They need trimming. Hopefully will be able to in the next two weeks.

Bit of a confo shot. See the long feetsies? It's killing me to look at them.

From Beckham's back. :P

And a video. Yay.


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